Items That Could Make Your Vagina Feel Sore After Intercourse

Items That Could Make Your Vagina Feel Sore After Intercourse

Maybe perhaps Not the type or types of burning love you’d in your mind.

So that you’re experiencing the afterglow of the sex that is satisfying once you realize your vagina seems sore and tender. The disquiet persists at the very least a couple of hours and even in to the day that is next. You understand the action felt good within the brief moment, as well as your partner did not do any such thing uncommon. Just what exactly’s happening?

You are not the sole one feeling the burn after booty. Post-sex soreness is certainly not uncommon, particularly in more youthful females and more recent partners, claims Donnica Moore, MD, ob-gyn and president of Sapphire Women’s wellness Group in nj. If it lasts much longer than 2hours, it is a good notion to visit your medical practitioner to test for an disease. Yeast conditions plus some STDs are recognized to cause stinging and burning, she states, and the ones symptoms will feel worse after likely sex.

But then, and it’s not accompanied by red flags such as bleeding or unusual discharge, you can probably suss out the cause on your own if the discomfort goes away before. Read this list of feasible grounds for soreness after intercourse, and the steps to try ensure that it it is from happening once again.

You aren’t stimulated sufficient before sex

Chafing due to too little lubrication during sex could be the true no. 1 reason for post-sex soreness, says Dr. Moore. “Sometimes we get caught up within the temperature associated with minute and then we never constantly recognize just just how friction that is much might have been,” she informs wellness. Even although you understand you are in the feeling and can not Continue reading “Items That Could Make Your Vagina Feel Sore After Intercourse”